The 2.5 day training program will cover:
  • Food regulation overview
  • Food safety plan overview
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and other PRPs
  • Biological food safety hazards
  • Chemical, physical and economically motivated
    food safety hazards
  • Preliminary steps in developing a food safety plan
  • Resources for food safety plans
  • Hazard analysis and preventive controls determination
  • Process preventive controls
  • Food allergen preventive controls
  • Sanitation preventive controls
  • Supply-chain preventive controls
  • Verification and validation procedures
  • Record keeping procedures
  • Recall plan
  • FSPCA regulation overview

Those that should attend include:
  • Directors/VPs for food safety
  • Maintenance managers
  • Production supervisors
  • Production leads
  • Sanitation supervisors
  • Plant managers
  • Quality assurance coordinators and managers
  • Safety managers
  • Training supervisors
  • Lead technicians
  • Packaging supervisors and managers
  • Regulatory personnel
    and they should have prior knowledge of GMPs and HACCP.